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URMC is a risk management services company dedicated to improving the accuracy and reliability of the trading positions that power generating, marketing and trading companies take on a daily basis.

Using its ground-breaking Deliberate Intelligence™ platform, URMC produces and delivers empirical, risk-specific Power Flow and Congestion analysis based on 3-dimensional engineering models of the transmission system. The models are created using advanced remote sensing technology and proprietary business analytics software. Additional patented technologies and tools allow URMC to define, analyze and understand Up To Congestion FTR positions and LMP expectations with a speed, accuracy and consistency unmatched by traditional approaches.

URMC's Deliberate Intelligence platform and innovative technologies have won global and national recognition:

Since its formation in 2005, URMC is renowned for high-quality engineering solutions.  We have independently created line ratings for more than 50,000 miles of the bulk transmission system in North America. Our clients include some of the largest and most respected electric utility companies in the world.

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